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Ya soft git ya warrrrrrrrrgh - 281 ABBEY STREET

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May 4th, 2005

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12:59 pm - Ya soft git ya warrrrrrrrrgh
Troy Menting. He drank 4 cans of wifebeater before he went out then got in at four in the morning and starting moaning: "My head hurts"

I bought Vegan cheese from Holland and Barratt today. Tis good. The fit blonde one served me. I want to do her while eating a vegetarian tandoori pasty.

Stupid durrrty gay election tomorrow man. That computer geek Matt is voting for the Liberal Kennedys. What a pussy.

Less elections, more erections. That's what I say.

I'm skipping my afternoon class today. I have Yofu. I'm gonna watch some racing. I'm a fuckup.


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